Brian Pentz

Do you know how many minutes you have to work today to pay for your lunch?

If it is less then a minute then you understand the value of time and no matter how much money you make, it is simple to understand the opportunity cost of going to lunch and the benefit of working overtime.

Understanding the value of time is important because everyone pays for things with their time.

If you have ever used Google to get information, then you understand the value of investing the minimum amount of time to get the maximum amount of relevant information about what your are interested in.

Years ago, I was given a scholarship from Google for computer programming, digital marketing and founded a company with Google Startups in Spain; which led me to expand my services here in the United States, where I was born.

My background is in finance, real estate development and technology.

My team and I pride ourselves on doing repeat and referral business with people we know personally. We are a family business and we are trained by Google to work with Google.

Our company, Red Compartida, is a Google Virtual Private Network with Google’s “.soy” Top Level Domain:

For business inquiries with Red Compartida or customizable business solutions please contact me via e-mail at, call (310) 893-3570 or text (949) 295-7368.